Chocolate Dreams Smoothie

Hello, dear chocolate lovers!

And those who will become after trying this chocolate dreams smoothie! šŸ™‚

Finally, I took the time again to come up with a delicious healthy recipe. Actually, I have lots of recipes already prepared but don’t take the time and effort to actually finish them! You should see how many drafts I have, waiting to be finished and published. Time management can be so hard sometimes! I admire all the fellow bloggers out there who find the time and motivation to post a few times per week or even daily. Wow.
However, I am trying hard to change this habit of not finishing my posts. About a week ago I wrote down my goals for this month and one of them is to spend 1 hour per day working on my blog; it can be anything related to it, also reading and searching for new ideas. I want to make this 1 hour per day a routine. Like training. Or eating!


Now moving to the recipe. Even if you are not such a healthy freak like me when it comes to food, you should have all the ingredients already at home. And if not, I promise they are not expensive!
This is the perfect alternative for those annoying give-me-something-sweet cravings. You get the chocolate fix without all the nasty ingredients and it gets even better because you nourish the body with good carbs, protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals!



Don’t forget to tag me (@crayonsandbeads) if you recreate any of my recipes, please!
And pssst… Another post is coming up on Sunday aswell!

Happy healthy-chocolate-munching!



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